Rooted in rich Turkish traditions, as the name suggests, CIRRIK is a heaven for food lovers – especially those who have got exceptionally intelligent taste buds.
Originating in Adana – the capital of grilled kebabs – this restaurant was revived to its legendary glory in the British capital at the beginning of 21st Century. Since then there has been no turning back.
Now, situated in London – right next to the bustling Hackney Central Station – CIRRIK is the most desirable destination of food fans in the area and beyond.
The distinctive taste and your love for Turkish traditional and tempting food compelled us to set up and shape this restaurant. Our food is the finest and hospitality top-notch.
This long journey of fabled kebab flavours from the City of Kebabs to the City of Magnet is our humble story.

What We Offer!

CIRRIK offers fresh and healthy meals that will stick to your ribs and keep you satisfied.
The culinary influences of this restaurant are defined by its myriad recipes for the famous Turkish kebab and continue to tantalise the taste buds of thousands of visitors every year.
If the idea of some unique, mesmerizing, and drizzling food fascinates you and if you ever find yourself craving some pocket-friendly and promising Turkish cuisine in an ambient and friendly environment, CIRRIK is the place.
We are privileged to present the best of our Turkish piquant cuisine with an original culinary take on our ancestral cooking tactics.
We are pleased to offer the exceptional Turkish produce and the heritage of our splendid food, and we wish to share our family’s most authentic Turkish recipes with the world.
The unique tastes, hypnotising aroma and the mouth-watering food would leave you to crave for more. We provide delectable food with promises and possibilities.
Food lovers in the house, put your hands up! Here is some unique and appealing savour you would have ever tried!!
Get our handpicked hot and cold appetisers including the likes of dolma-a moreish mix of rice, mint, parsley and onions wrapped in vine leaves and served with garlic tzatsiki.
Our magnificent and drizzling chunks of pull-apart Halloumi and a steaming hot bowl of calamari and tartare sauce would leave an everlasting taste.
And yes, our traditional Adana kebab is our speciality. CIRRIK’s ruling nouvelle cuisine brings a variety of delicately cooked charcoal-grilled kebabs accomplished by rice, tomatoes, grilled peppers, and plates of fresh salad.
It leaves an unforgettable taste as it melts in one's mouth. Happiness comes in a bundle as our delish Turkish cuisine in London brings you a distinctive experience.
We are well known for MEAT SLEEP REPEAT!
We also provide a takeaway service.
If you never had a chance to try to taste our delicacies, try it now and be thrilled!

Health and Hygiene

Health and hygiene are our top priority and there’s no compromise ever on these.
We are pleased to source the best quality meats, good wine, and scrumptious cocktails with over 25 years of experienced and trained chefs.
All our ingredients are fresh and we choose and purchase them ourselves to ensure the highest quality. Quality is as important to as taste.
Following stringent hygiene and cleanliness measures, our chefs prepare spicy and toothsome food tinged with the traditional Turkish flavours.
We strictly ensure that employees’ hands are washed and thoroughly dried before starting work, between tasks, and before working with food products, utensils, and linens.
Our equipment is properly disinfected before use and personal hygiene standards are thoroughly checked time and again to guarantee a healthy eating experience to our customers.
We ensure our customers a healthy, peaceful, and airy environment to have a wonderful experience at CIRRIK.

Our Mission

We strive for serving the best Turkish cuisine with the most unique taste in town. From kebabs to seafood to salads we pick out the most appetising Turkish cuisine for you.
We wholeheartedly and generously provide our guests with genuine hospitality and an incredible atmosphere to enjoy life’s special moments by offering the best food service.
Get in with your loved ones and we promise to keep the excitement alive….!!

Our Operation In Pandemic Days

It’s being the hard times when the world is reeling under COVID-19 pandemic, we are not open for sitting, but we keep providing our takeaway/delivery service with the same zeal, zest, and taste.
Try once. You’ll never regret!

Visit Us

1-3 Amhurst Road
Hackney, United Kingdom


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0203 441 2609


Monday to Sunday
11am - 11pm